Delivery of Medical Equipment and Software

  • Municipality of Zlatograd

On 22nd of July 2019, the Medical Equipments were delivered in the Municipality of Zlatograd.

There was delivered:

  • 47 Medical Equipments measuring multiple parameters including blood pressure, pulse, pulse regularity, temperature meter, SPO2 respiratory rate, 1 –lead ECG. Equipment will be portable, lightweight, with screen and CE approved
  • 7 Glucometers
  • 3 Proffesional Weight Scales

The next steps was, those Medical Equipments to be connected to the e-SOHECA system and make their first measurements. To complete this task, a special software was needed to be installed on the related with the e-SOHECA project Hardware:

  1. A special Softare will be installed on the 22" Touchscreen PC;s
  2. A special Social Care Platform will be installed on the 15" Laptop PC's
  3. A special Software will be intsalled to the Tablets to allow them to send the measured data to the Web Health - Social Care Platform.

The works for accomplishing the above task begun after the delivery of the Medical Equipment and are still in progress. The pilot phase was completed and the Medical Equipmetns, the Software and the related Hardware is working properly.

The rest of the equipment is going to be connected and the training of the Staff and Citizens is remaining and will start soon .