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Workshop 17 January 2020

On 17 January 2020, a workshop of the e-SOHECA project will be held at the Municipality of Topeiros Town Hall. The workshop is expected to focus on the detailed presentation of the e-SOHECA project, as well as on the identification of international and European trends related to telemedicine that can be exploited by the stakeholders.

  • Municipality of Topeiros

Delivery of all the Medical Equipments & Hardware

The rest of the Medical Equipments and the Hardware was delivered in the Municipality of Topeiros, which was accepted by the Municipalities representatives and are going to be installed to the Spots and delivered to the Doctors and the Citizens.

  • Municipality of Topeiros

The Medical Equipment in Topeiros

The pilot phase of the Medical equiipment were delivered in the Municipality of Topeiros. The work is in progress!

  • Municipality of Topeiros

Workshop in Topeiros

The Workshop was held on 14 – 15th of June into the premises of the Municipality of Topeiros where representatives of Municipalities of Nestos, Zlatograd and Topeiros as well as external experts participated.